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Tiya PLC (Professional Immigration Law firm)
is your best source of professional, value-driven Professional U.S. immigration law services with excellent results and prices. Established in united States Of America, we have over 10 years of professional immigration law experience in the areas of permanent residence (green card) and nonimmigrant cases. We evaluate the best strategies to maximize the chances of success for each case. We utilize state-of-the-art immigration management systems to manage your cases and for your case status tracking.
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“Aik Wan's work is very thorough and she pays a tremendous attention to detail ensuring you the best and fastest outcome for your immigration trial. I have used her services twice; once to obtain an H1-B visa and once for my greencard application. Both times she was able to convince the US immigration department to give me my documents way sooner then is average. My greencard case was fully approved in even less then 4 weeks. I can't wait to use her services for my naturalization.”
Paul Hakimpour - 4 Feb 2011


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